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Dear Buddy,

Please accept my apology for not writing sooner to formally thank you for the successful closing on our home in Hollis this summer. The sale could not have been in better hands. The best real estate decision we made was to use you; you deserve the credit for the rest of the story.

Only an extraordinary Realtor could have orchestrated such success in lieu of all the obstacles and surprises that potential buyers threw our way. Who could have predicted that a buyer would drop out within 24 hours of closing or that you would be able to pull together a closing with another backup buyer less than two weeks later! This success reflects your tenacious commitment to your client.

It continues to amaze us that in this year's struggling real estate market we were actually able to sell our home for five percent more than the listing price recommended by two other realtors we considered. Your research analysis to determine a listing price was exhaustive as evidenced in your initial presentation to us and ultimately proved to be an accurate reading of the market. You advised on ways we could enhance the value of our home, and we know that following your advice, whether it was a fresh coat of paint, staging, or cleaning out clutter, made our home more attractive and pleasing to potential buyers.

Beyond a keen understanding of the market, you are a man of integrity. We knew we would be represented with honor and honesty. You agreed that the best policy is to be forthright in disclosure; sharing ethical values is another reason we knew you were the right realtor for us.

We have gained a new respect for the real estate profession through our experience with you. You are the hardest working realtor we have ever had the privilege to work with. Your diligence, perseverance, and attention to detail were evident on a daily basis. You were patient with us, wisely advised us when ever we had a question, but never dictated to us what we should or should not do. We appreciated the respect you afforded us. Clearly we put our trust in the right realtor.

I wish I could thank you in a big way, such as having you represent us in the sale of another property, but for now this letter will have to suffice. We will always be grateful to have had such expertise and guidance from such a kind gentleman.

With best regards,

Deb and Sandy Kissell
What makes a good realtor? It's the most important question a home owner is faced with when making the decision to list their home. For all of us, our homes are a personal reflection, and they have great value, both monetarily and emotionally. Finding a realtor to make the most of your hard earned investment needs to be taken seriously. I really feel your realtor has to get to know you on a personal basis as well as a professional one, since they are your spokesperson. They are negotiating on your behalf about the most financially valuable asset you have, your home.
I did not know the value of this when I first started searching for realtors. I came across Buddy after our first non-productive listing experience. Buddy was extremely knowledgeable and experienced and set us straight on price with a list of comparable properties. Experience does matter, as there are many rules, regulations, loopholes and marketing strategies to consider. Buddy took charge of our situation and desire to sell our home. Buddy always made me feel like our home was his top priority. His devotion to return calls, attract customers with open houses, emails to other offices, advertising, door to door flyers... you name it he did it. Ours was a difficult property to sell as it would appeal to only a limited type of buyer. We had many, many showings despite some difficulties with location. He took a real interest in our personal needs and made note of what was important to us and what wasn't. Selling or buying a home is a very personal experience and can be a stressful one. The right realtor makes a huge difference in how well the whole process goes and in your peace of mind.
I can not say enough of how satisfied I was with Buddy. I highly recommend him to anyone either selling or buying homes in Southern NH.
With sincere thanks to you Buddy
Karen Tatro