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Dear Ms. Kilgore:
I am writing to express my appreciation of and complete satisfaction with the services recently rendered to me by Buddy Pope, a sales agent in your office. By way of brief background, in mid Summer, 2003, Buddy and I began working together on a New Hampshire real estate search. I know I came to Buddy with a list of particulars --- relating to the size of the property, configuration, location, etc --- which made the search a bit challenging. Furthermore, the overall task was made more difficult still because I was located out of state, and could not easily plan site visits, but rather any viewings had to be coordinated with a my travel schedule. Despite these challenges and complications, Buddy undertook the search with enthusiasm and dedication. From the very outset, he was extremely responsive by promptly conducting data base searches to meet my expressed criteria. Also, I felt that the properties Buddy cultivated in his searches were the very types of properties I had requested, which clearly reflected that Buddy was attentive to my search objectives. From the Summer through the Fall we went on numerous site visits together. I should mention that some of the properties we visited were on the order of 50 acres. So, when I wanted to actually see the parcels, I was most pleased that Buddy came prepared to hike the properties together, which again reflected his enthusiasm and dedication to working shoulder to shoulder with me on the search project. One thing that Buddy did, which I especially appreciated as a buyer preparing to make a significant investment, was, during site visits, he would cross check the properties against my criteria to make sure that it was, or was not, what I really wanted. In this regard, I felt that Buddy was really looking out for my interests by making sure that the property was one with which I would, or would not, be happy. To me, that was quite reassuring, since it reflected that Buddy placed a premium on making me a truly satisfied customer, as opposed to making a quick sale. I think that approach reflects very well on your office, and is bound to build the favorable "word of mouth" reputation that attracts buyers and sellers alike to your business.
Gladly, my real estate search was successfully concluded several weeks ago with the purchase of a home in New Hampshire. As with the search phase of the project, Buddy provided the same dedicated assistance during the contract phase. Based on the particulars of the property sale, there were a number of unusual, but necessary, contract provisions. These required extensive, and sometimes delicate, negotiations with the seller. Throughout this process Buddy provided considerable support and assistance, furnishing needed information and documentation. Again I found him to be very accessible and very willing to help in any way he could, even if it was just in providing context, focus, and a second opinion on how to conclude the transaction to the satisfaction of myself and the and seller.
In conclusion, I was most pleased with Buddy's assistance throughout the time we worked together. His commitment to providing timely, dedicated service was evident at every phase of the process. Additionally, and importantly, he blended his professionalism with his good-humored personality, which made it a pleasure to work with him. In intend to highly recommend him to friends, family, and others that are in the New Hampshire real estate market as buyers or seller.
William P. Skladony
Hello! Buddy, 
Just a quick note to thank you for the exceptional degree of help you you provided in selling our home. Your commitment and professionalism exceeded our expectations and was the key factor in the sale. We would not hesitate to refer friends or family members to you. We wish you continued success. YOU'RE THE BEST.
Paul & Elaine