The corporate relocation process can be a daunting one. From our first contact with Buddy to the closing of our new home, I can say that Buddy far exceeded our expectations as a realtor and delivered exceptional customer service. Our family is settled in our new community and we have Buddy to thank. He receives an A++ from the Michaud family. Buddy, you are a consummate professional and have indeed earned our respect!

Brian Michaud, Vice President ADP

Over the course of buying and selling many many residential properties, we knew that enlisting the help of a successful, professional real estate broker was essential to a successful sale.The Monadnock region can be a tough market, and we have seen properties languish on the market for many seasons and often more than one year.After talking with many people, there was consensus in our market and price point, and that was Buddy.Here is what Buddy did:-He responded very quickly to our inquiry. We found that this is Buddy’s MO: he is always responsive.-He came out to talk to us about listing and selling our house. Buddy was very professional and walked us through the process as he saw it. This is also Buddy’s MO: He communicates well- he gets the big picture and he gets the small details.

Throughout our engagement, Buddy checked in just the right amount- he clearly understood what we wanted regarding communication and he was consistent in his checking in and updating us.-While Buddy is super responsive, he doesn’t oversell or use pressure. He is the kind of guy who wants to make sure that there is a good fit. In our case, he told us what we could expect from him and from the process. This is exactly what we got. No surprises. Well, one surprise, but I’ll save that for the end.-Buddy doesn’t make promises that he cant deliver on. He does not set up false expectations. He did a very professional market survey, not only educating himself on our property and our micro market, but he was also educating us. We worked out a pricing strategy and because he did this from a deep market survey, we felt really comfortable with the pricing strategy.-We got the impression that Buddy would advocate for us, while at the same time treating any potential buyer with respect and consideration.

This is exactly what we wanted: a broker who would be honest and ethical. Buddy was honest and ethical throughout from start to finish.-I could go on in detail about the ways Buddy helped to facilitate our sale: how he suggested we price and present the house; how to market; what improvements we should make, etc etc.-When offers came in on the house, Buddy calmly and professionally helped us to negotiate the successful sale of our property. No drama, no histrionics.Our one surprise? A wonderful surprise. We had an excellent offer, a drama free sale, all within a timeframe far far more quickly than we ever could have expected.Kudos to Buddy. We recommend him with complete confidence.Richard MannPrinciple/ Exec. VP.Red River Company, Inc.

Richard Mann Principal/Exec VP Red River Company

We just sold our house after many months on the market. Throughout all those months we got to know Buddy and found him to be most helpful. We were in contact often and we received excellent attention. In fact we often felt that we were his only clients—–knowing full well that this was not the case!

Any issue that arose was always explained thoroughly and with attention to details. Emails and phone calls to Buddy were answered quickly—— never keeping us waiting. We were notified when there was to be a showing and 99% of the showings were attended by Buddy. Because we don’t live in NH it was comforting to know our Realtor was at our house to make sure all was taken care of properly and the home locked afterwards.

We are very happy with all the interactions and service we received from Buddy. He is patient, thoughtful, kind and considerate and very knowledgeable. We recommend Buddy wholeheartedly!!

Samuel and Louisa Kaymen, Founders of Stonyfield Yogurt

I am writing to express my appreciation of and complete satisfaction with the services recently rendered to me by Buddy Pope, a sales agent in your office. By way of brief background, in mid Summer, 2003, Buddy and I began working together on a New Hampshire real estate search. I know I came to Buddy with a list of particulars — relating to the size of the property, configuration, location, etc — which made the search a bit challenging. Furthermore, the overall task was made more difficult still because I was located out of state, and could not easily plan site visits, but rather any viewings had to be coordinated with a my travel schedule. Despite these challenges and complications, Buddy undertook the search with enthusiasm and dedication. From the very outset, he was extremely responsive by promptly conducting data base searches to meet my expressed criteria. Also, I felt that the properties Buddy cultivated in his searches were the very types of properties I had requested, which clearly reflected that Buddy was attentive to my search objectives. From the Summer through the Fall we went on numerous site visits together. I should mention that some of the properties we visited were on the order of 50 acres. So, when I wanted to actually see the parcels, I was most pleased that Buddy came prepared to hike the properties together, which again reflected his enthusiasm and dedication to working shoulder to shoulder with me on the search project. One thing that Buddy did, which I especially appreciated as a buyer preparing to make a significant investment, was, during site visits, he would cross check the properties against my criteria to make sure that it was, or was not, what I really wanted. In this regard, I felt that Buddy was really looking out for my interests by making sure that the property was one with which I would, or would not, be happy. To me, that was quite reassuring, since it reflected that Buddy placed a premium on making me a truly satisfied customer, as opposed to making a quick sale. I think that approach reflects very well on your office, and is bound to build the favorable “word of mouth” reputation that attracts buyers and sellers alike to your business.

Gladly, my real estate search was successfully concluded several weeks ago with the purchase of a home in New Hampshire. As with the search phase of the project, Buddy provided the same dedicated assistance during the contract phase. Based on the particulars of the property sale, there were a number of unusual, but necessary, contract provisions. These required extensive, and sometimes delicate, negotiations with the seller. Throughout this process Buddy provided considerable support and assistance, furnishing needed information and documentation. Again I found him to be very accessible and very willing to help in any way he could, even if it was just in providing context, focus, and a second opinion on how to conclude the transaction to the satisfaction of myself and the and seller.

In conclusion, I was most pleased with Buddy’s assistance throughout the time we worked together. His commitment to providing timely, dedicated service was evident at every phase of the process. Additionally, and importantly, he blended his professionalism with his good-humored personality, which made it a pleasure to work with him. In intend to highly recommend him to friends, family, and others that are in the New Hampshire real estate market as buyers or seller.

William P. Skladony ESQ

It is with great satisfaction & gratitude that I write this letter of recommendation for Harold “Buddy’ Pope. Only because of his thorough & hard work were we able to find both a home & a location that we had been seeking to meet our objectives in moving from NJ to NH in the early 2nd Quarter of 2005.

We had been looking without success for a home in NH since Nov. , 2004 and were rapidly becoming disenchanted with the process, feeling that our buying criteria were not being sufficiently considered.

Through the recommendation of our realtor, we were then put in touch with Buddy. From the moment I saw & perused his website at www.popesays.com I knew that here at last was someone with whom I would like to do business.

After 2 comprehensive telephone conversations, getting to know each other & setting forth our objectives, Buddy went to work – and work he did, in a most comprehensive & professional fashion. By the time we met he had thoroughly researched the area, lined up a complete range of properties to view, analyzed their pros & cons vs. our objectives ,& was then fully prepared to lead us through the viewing process.

It took us just 2 hours to agree that 1 of his prime recommendations was the home for us. Thereafter, he guided us carefully through the negotiation process right up to the final closing. His direction & recommendations were flawless & without his guidance the procedure could not have been completed as smoothly as it was.

For both my wife & I, Buddy was a real pleasure to work with from initial contact through & beyond the closing. Should the need arise we would use him again without hesitation .He is a true professional, hard working, totally dependable, fun to work with & with the experience, confidence & self assurance to meet our needs.

It is with great pleasure & satisfaction that I unequivocally recommend Buddy as a truly unique & exceptionally capable REALTOR.

William D. Dearstyne, Company Group Chairman, (Retired), Johnson & Johnson

For our recent home purchase, we went through the home buying process without a real estate agent. Buddy was representing the sellers of the home that we ultimately purchased, and we were impressed with him from the start. The listing for the property we were interested in really caught my eye because of the professional photos and walk through video, which Buddy has in place for all the properties that he sells. The walk through video is one feature that I have not seen on many other agent’s listings, and I think it is an extremely valuable selling tool. Upon initial contact with Buddy, I knew he was someone that I would be happy to work with.

He was extremely helpful with all my questions and requests, promptly answering emails at all hours of the day and night. We looked at the property a few times and he even offered to give us a tour of the town since we were not from the area. Buddy really went above and beyond to sell us on the area and the home we were buying. Our sale was not a typical one, as it was a process that was drawn out over many months, but Buddy was very patient and willing to coordinate everything for us during that time. Even after our sale was finalized, Buddy was still available to answer additional questions I had and help with some items that came up after the fact. I think he is an asset to anyone buying or selling a home. We are currently renting out our existing home, but when the time is right for us to sell, we will definitely be enlisting Buddy as our selling agent!


Buddy was a pleasure to work with for the sale of my home. His attention to detail made the process seem effortless for us as sellers. 

M. Petrovick, Architect Amesbury Ma. and Keene, NH

We met Harold “Buddy” Pope when looking for property to buy and build on in New Hampshire. Buddy has comprehensive knowledge of the property search process from just getting started through closing. He knows many of the realtors, title companies, and city planners in the area. Buddy’s expertise in antique homes and properties in southern NH, especially around Francestown and Amherst/ Bedford, is peerless. When we looked at houses, Buddy was an excellent resource for knowing the condition and value of the houses including its construction, upkeep, location, and condition. Buddy helped us steer clear of homes that looked great but had quality or cost issues. In our 2018-2021 property search, we visited a couple of dozen properties with Buddy in southern and Seacoast New Hampshire. Buddy helped us find a rental property when we needed to move before we found a home to buy. When we found the property we wanted, Buddy helped us close on it quickly and guided us through purchasing title insurance, performing a title search, and getting utilities set up for the new home. We had a great experience and we appreciated Buddy’s patience while we looked for the right home and location to raise our three kids. 


Buddy Pope is not simply A Realtor. He is THE Realtor in my book. I heard of him by word of mouth after other Realtors failed to sell my house. I perused his website and read testimonials and never dreamed I would be writing one so enthusiastically myself!

He doesn’t merely obtain your exclusive contract, list your house, then sit back and wait. With Buddy, you do have a real BUDDY on your side. …he works to market your home with monthly exposure and scores of websites and one never doubts that getting the best price available is his goal all while educating you to the current market. He understands your needs, and aggressively goes for the sale.

My sale was difficult and unusual, and I was physically absent. Buddy was right there anticipating, consulting, working through issues, taking care of details, and getting it done. Words like honesty, integrity, caring, competent, and detail oriented fall short of describing Buddy.

His performance for me was over the top. Buddy Pope, THE Realtor. You’d be well advised to call and meet with him prior to listing with any other agent. Absorb his marketing presentation. You’ll be glad you did.

Ted Kempf

Hello! Buddy,
Just a quick note to thank you for the exceptional degree of help you provided in selling our home. Your commitment and professionalism exceeded our expectations and was the key factor in the sale. We would not hesitate to refer friends or family members to you. We wish you continued success. YOU’RE THE BEST.

Paul & Elaine

From beginning to end, Buddy handled all our needs in a professional manner. Our particular situation required creative marketing and attention to detail. During the inspection phase of our negotiations, one problem presented itself which threatened to derail the agreement. Buddy researched and suggested an innovative solution to the problem and the outcome was successful. If you are looking for a real-estate agent who is proactive and honest, I would recommend Buddy Pope.

James Hall

What makes a good realtor? It’s the most important question a home owner is faced with when making the decision to list their home. For all of us, our homes are a personal reflection, and they have great value, both monetarily and emotionally. Finding a realtor to make the most of your hard earned investment needs to be taken seriously. I really feel your realtor has to get to know you on a personal basis as well as a professional one, since they are your spokesperson. They are negotiating on your behalf about the most financially valuable asset you have, your home.

I did not know the value of this when I first started searching for realtors. I came across Buddy after our first non-productive listing experience. Buddy was extremely knowledgeable and experienced and set us straight on price with a list of comparable properties. Experience does matter, as there are many rules, regulations, loopholes and marketing strategies to consider. Buddy took charge of our situation and desire to sell our home. Buddy always made me feel like our home was his top priority. His devotion to return calls, attract customers with open houses, emails to other offices, advertising, door to door flyers… you name it he did it. Ours was a difficult property to sell as it would appeal to only a limited type of buyer. We had many, many showings despite some difficulties with location. He took a real interest in our personal needs and made note of what was important to us and what wasn’t. Selling or buying a home is a very personal experience and can be a stressful one. The right realtor makes a huge difference in how well the whole process goes and in your peace of mind.

I can not say enough of how satisfied I was with Buddy. I highly recommend him to anyone either selling or buying homes in Southern NH.

With sincere thanks to you Buddy

Karen Tatro

Hi Buddy,

David and I are very appreciative of your efforts and due diligence in helping us with the sale of our challenging property. It goes without saying that I think so highly of you as a person and your skills in dealing with people in so thoughtful and professional a manner.

I have enjoyed our times together and wish you and your family the best of everything and especially over these holidays coming up. I also look forward to a cup of coffee or quick lunch with you when things quiet down after the holidays.


Dear Buddy,

This is a gift certificate for an unspecified number of free house cleanings at your house for the next few years. It will have to be on Saturdays and it may be on short notice sometimes in the summer because I work on gardens on the weekends.

This certificate also entitles you to perennials, garden designs, help with landscaping etc. if that is of interest to you or your wife – we can discuss the details later.

This is a small token of appreciation for ALL that you have done for me. I really can never repay you for all your kindness, help and thoughtfulness. When I talked with Ken Hall [lender] on the 25th he had nothing but compliments for you. He said he has dealt with a lot of real estate people and you are one of the very few that stood out because of your caring and going the extra mile. I agreed!

Thank you so much.

Signe Haynes

Dear Buddy,

Mark and I would like to extend our many thanks to you for all you did. Right from the start you gave us your all. Many thanks also for the lottery tickets [thank you gift]. We didn’t get the BIG one, but we do have a couple to turn in for more. Maybe that will prove lucky!

Once again, thanks!

Kathy & Mark Porter

Dear Buddy,

Saturday, my contractor completed the replacement of weather damaged clapboards above four windows on the Northern side of our home on Fox Den Drive in Hollis.

Well, we owe all this to you. We could not have sold our property, at the right price, without your help from March until now. Your marketing/sales process was integral to the success of the sale of our home. Yes, even your post closing reminders to complete the clapboard repair we committed to do was very professional.

When I look back on your efforts on our behalf in marketing our property I am in awe of your thoroughness and attention to detail. You advised us in March that marketing the property to builders was a time consuming process. We would have to be patient to give you and the builders time to evaluate the property, meet with the town boards, consult with their lawyers, and to do their numbers before making an offer. They would have to see the merits of the undertaking. I was so impressed that you kept turning over every stone of possibility for them to consider.

After meeting the uncertainty of the builders over the development potential of our 21 acres, you suggested a feasibility study by an engineering and surveying company. That data shook out many of the uncertainties. We made pricing adjustments with your council and tested the market at several levels over the next 4-5 months. You were relentless in your postcards and follow-up with every builder in the area. From March to July we made several price reductions. Then, in August, from two price points you had recommended, we made an aggressive price move. We opted for the Estate sales price and an extraordinary family revealed themselves in just three days. You had done it. We were soft-landed into a marketable price we were comfortable with and the buyer was set for a well-timed beginning of Hollis schools. With a quick closing of September 2, 2005 we passed title.

So I return to why I am writing this letter. It is for all those details that you attended to beyond the call of duty. You always put yourself in our place, never pushing your own agenda, just ours.

Thank-you for a job well done.

David Wheeler

Dear Buddy,

Please accept my apology for not writing sooner to formally thank you for the successful closing on our home in Hollis this summer. The sale could not have been in better hands. The best real estate decision we made was to use you; you deserve the credit for the rest of the story.

Only an extraordinary Realtor could have orchestrated such success in lieu of all the obstacles and surprises that potential buyers threw our way. Who could have predicted that a buyer would drop out within 24 hours of closing or that you would be able to pull together a closing with another backup buyer less than two weeks later! This success reflects your tenacious commitment to your client.

It continues to amaze us that in this year’s struggling real estate market we were actually able to sell our home for five percent more than the listing price recommended by two other realtors we considered. Your research analysis to determine a listing price was exhaustive as evidenced in your initial presentation to us and ultimately proved to be an accurate reading of the market. You advised on ways we could enhance the value of our home, and we know that following your advice, whether it was a fresh coat of paint, staging, or cleaning out clutter, made our home more attractive and pleasing to potential buyers.

Beyond a keen understanding of the market, you are a man of integrity. We knew we would be represented with honor and honesty. You agreed that the best policy is to be forthright in disclosure; sharing ethical values is another reason we knew you were the right realtor for us.

We have gained a new respect for the real estate profession through our experience with you. You are the hardest working realtor we have ever had the privilege to work with. Your diligence, perseverance, and attention to detail were evident on a daily basis. You were patient with us, wisely advised us when ever we had a question, but never dictated to us what we should or should not do. We appreciated the respect you afforded us. Clearly we put our trust in the right realtor.

I wish I could thank you in a big way, such as having you represent us in the sale of another property, but for now this letter will have to suffice. We will always be grateful to have had such expertise and guidance from such a kind gentleman.

With best regards,

Deb and Sandy Kissell

I have dealt with many brokers both in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and have seldom witnessed an agent as thorough, conscientious, and ethical as Buddy Pope. The last property I purchased in New Hampshire was represented by Buddy, and, although he was the seller’s agent, he did practically everything a buyer’s broker would have done for me, expecting nothing in return for the requisite courtesy and attention that he showed me. When I am need of a sales agent in the future, Buddy Pope will be my first choice without hesitation.

Alex H

It was a true pleasure to have Buddy Pope as our real-estate agent. His professionalism, experience and skill truly helped us as we were searching for a property with severe time constraints and baby on way! Not only did he handle his obligations to us but he always went that extra mile to make sure my wife’s comfort and our timing needs were met. He always put us first. We are very pleased with the property and so happy that it is now our new home. I would recommend Buddy to anyone needing to get right down to business in their home buying process.

David Tuck, President Celerasys Corporation www.celerasys.com

It is my pleasure to tell others what a wonderfully dedicated, warmhearted and thoroughly professional person Buddy Pope is. It was through his diligence and experience that we were able to accomplish something almost impossible in today’s market— a quick close and a good price on the sale of our home.

I thought for sure when we listed our house with Buddy that we were in for a long winter’s wait for the right buyer to come along. We had already been through one round of unsuccessful marketing with another realtor the previous year, and knowing full well that the market had declined even further over the last 12 months I suspected that our goal of a quick close would be impossible. But I knew right away that working with Buddy was going to be different. Not only did he ask important questions about our goals and priorities, he listened to our answers. And then Buddy went to work for us in a way that no agent, buyers or sellers, had ever worked for us before.

He made finding the buyer for our house look ridiculously easy. Less than a week after we listed our house with him we had an offer. Not only one offer, but the prospect of two offers lay before us. What a position to be in! I almost felt guilty! The next few weeks of negotiations and inspections were handled with a thoroughness and diligence that was amazing. Every question was answered, every problem addressed promptly and professionally.

Buddy is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a capable, thorough and responsive realtor who knows his stuff, and is fun to work with to boot.

Meg Fuschetti